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BCD Audio press announcement

London 10th November 2012

The BCD Installer System.

The BCD Audio Installer system enables many audio interface units to be packaged into a compact space. The 1U Installer-12 will take up to four Eurocards with single or dual mains power supply, and the Installer-48 will take up to 16 Eurocards with dual power supply. Based on a long established range of Eurocards, the system is versatile and adaptable. To maximise the flexibility, small daughter cards, 'Piglets' are also used , where three Piglets may be mounted on a single Eurocard. This gives the system the maximum capacity of 12 interface units in the 1U frame, and 48 in the 3U frame.

Audio Distribution
Eight way Analogue and AES-3 Eurocards are used. These can be used for 1 into 8 and dual 1 into 4 applications. Also 1 into 3 Analogue and AES-3 Piglets are available..

Audio Interface
The Dual line amplifier Piglet is used for general buffering, and can be used as unbalanced to balanced, and balanced to unbalanced conversion. AES-3 2:1 switching, silence detection , SRC and Digital delay to 170mS are available in Piglet form.

Audio Conversion
Stereo AES-3 to Analogue, Analogue to AES-3 and AES-3 SRC Piglets are available.

Audio Switching and GPI buffering.
2:1 Relay switched Eurocards are useful for changeover switching. The Solid state GPI buffer card gives isolated GPI expansion. Both cards use simple grounded contact or can be part of a more complex system.

Audio mixing
A balanced analogue mixer with 6 channels per card, and a matching AES-3 DSP mixer are available. These can be configured for stand-alone, simple remote control or can be part of a more complex control system.

Audio monitoring
A complete audio monitor is available as a Eurocard, with remote control. Audio switcher cards Analogue and AES-3 digital expand the capability.

Dual Fibre conversion of AES-3 to ST fibre, and ST fibre to AES-3 Eurocards. The modules can be used with any sample rate up to 200kHZ, and the fibre is useful to 2.5km distance.

Complex Systems
Complex systems can be achieved using a Processor card with RS485, RS232 and Ethernet control.

Remote control panels generally hook up with RS485, where up to 32 panels can be used around the Installation. Dedicated 4 wire talkback and monitoring, Presenter Monitoring and Audio matrices up to 64 x 64 have all been built using these cards.

Current Installations
  • TV studio Presenter audio monitoring.
  • TV studio 2:1 bypass switching and GPI control.
  • TV studio 4 wire monitoring and talkback systems.
  • OB truck distribution, 4 wire monitoring and talkback systems.
  • Radio Station distribution

BCD Audio, 5 Bristol Way, Stoke Gardens, Slough, Berkshire, SL1 3QE, UK - Telephone +44 (0) 1753 579524 - E-mail
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